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With 3 models to choose from and a variety of trailer combinations available within the A, B, C model groups, building your ideal Tentrax online is easy & exciting.

A – A/T Off-Road
B – Boulevard
C – CargoPac

The construction of each model is the same, only differing by options and accessories added. All models can be upgraded any time due to the interchangeable nature of the parts.

The ground clearance under the skid plate is 19” when 35 inch tires are installed on the trailer and even more with larger tires & lift. Don’t want big tire?, No problem, Tentrax 4x4 Trailers will install any size wheel and tire you prefer including matching those on your vehicle.

If you are not sure how you'd like your Off Road Tentrax Trailer or Highway model, please give me a call so you and I can work out a solution that you will be pleased with.
Base Structure: $2,997.00 after 10% Package Discount ( Choose Options needed to complete your trailer)



Fiberglass Laminated Trailer Tub and Lid, Black Powder Coated Steel Tube Frame, Top Rack, bumper, and built in 2" receiver.

"Package Discounts" are given on all new 4x4 trailers.   In addition,  your 4x4 Trailer order is ready for pickup in 3 weeks after your deposit is received with shipping taking a week or two longer due to scheduling.  And, 4x4 Trailers.com gives the best quality available, guaranteed.

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Not sure how to proceed in ordering your Off Road Trailer?   Give us a call  at 1 - 800 - 488 2022.    Or,  E-mail us.  We can help you create the trailer you will be proud to own, guaranteed.


• FOB Eugene, Oregon,  or we can ship your trailer anywhere you like.

Payment Policy:

• Stock Trailer  - Deposit of $500 to hold, balance due within seven days.

• Custom Trailer - Deposit of $500,  50% due by scheduled build date.

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