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This is great with over 20" of ground clearance under the skid plate on some models, these off road Tentrax®  trailers are very popular and allow you the freedom to go anywhere,  anytime,  and enjoy the greater outdoors.

These are  lightweight camp trailers that can easily be towed to  remote off road camp sites for  easy Set-Up on far less fuel and trouble,  while focusing on the fun,  experience,  and adventure. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  •   Tent for sleeping-under-cover and a comfortable Bed for sleeping off-the-ground.


These are rugged 4x4 Off-Road Trailers built and engineered for the 4X4 camping enthusiast. The style of the Off Road A/T trailers is custom built beginning with the basic trailer and accommodates individual needs by the addition of options.

Again, over 20 inches of ground clearance is possible using 35-12.50/15 tires and even more with larger tires. An optional  6 inch Lift Kit  makes room for tires up to 38 inches in diameter. Additional off-road options include both the  Off-Road Package  (which allows for trouble-free articulation in rough terrain), and  Skid Plate  for extreme 4x4 fun and safety.   A variety of  rack systems  are also available, making Tentrax® a true pack-horse!

The advantage in owning a Tentrax® off road trailer is the ability to add the options you need to match your personal brand of backcountry trailer adventure.


Two of the most popular trends in today's off road camping trailers are matching the off road 4x4 trailer's wheels and tires to the tow vehicle, and matching the trailer's color to the tow vehicle for real class, distention, and that show room look.

Off road travel trailers  and  off road tent trailers  are far less expensive than traditional recreational vehicles and easy to tow behind any of today's small to mid-sized automobiles.   These  lightweight trailers  are constructed of fiberglass due to its superior engineering strength and versatility,  allowing the trailer to withstand the rigors of rugged Terrain Rated®   conditions.

Small fiberglass utility trailers  also makes for a great  off road argo trailer by combining superior off road capabilities with tons of cargo carrying capacity. Off road cargo trailers are also a very good choice as hunting trailer or as ATV trailers due to their  light-weight design, construction,  weather resistance, and large cargo capacity.

You can view many other options  and  accessories to choose from to complete your trailer.

The manufacturer of the only "Terrain Rated®"  lightweight camping trailer  makes it possible for unlimited adventure in camping experiences in 4x4 trailers, Jeep camping trailers, FJ trailers, Nissan trailers, and other models of  fiberglass camping trailers.

Learn more about the applications of Tentrax®  Off Road A/T trailers and their other trailers by selecting either your type of trailer:  Jeep Trailers, FJ Trailers, Nissan Trailers; or go directly to   "Build Yours"  and create your trailer and estimate. You may also call Tentrax at 1-800-488-2022 to discuss your trailer needs or  Email Tentrax

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