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TENTRAX Basic Off Road A/T - (with Tent & Bed)
Built for Off Road Use.

Off Road A/T

Model Package: Tentrax Trailer
Black Powder Coated Frame and Top Rack
Bumper with built in 2" receiver tube

*before Package Discount
  Heavy Duty Foam Rubber Mat $35.00
  White Tub and Lid or Upgrade to Vehicle Color 395.00
  Black Polypropylene Fender Flares $140.00
  Heavy Duty Round Lights and all wiring or upgrade to Jeep Lights $95.00
  1,400 lb axle with 3,500 lbs Spindles or Upgrade $185.00
  Hubs to Match Vehicle Bolt Pattern $140.00
  4 inch Lift or upgrade for Larger Tires $130.00
  Tongue Rack $150.00
  Front Rack $195.00
  Nerf Bars $195.00
  Off Road Package System, Max Coupler, Tongue Extension, and more. $495.00
  Tent and Bed (including hydraulic structure, mattress, tent with cover) $1,495.00
  4 Tentrax Rack Pads with Tie Downs $120.00
  Trailer Total: $6,765.00

Off Road Trailer - 10% Discount

Tires & Wheels: Customer Supplied, Matched to Vehicle, or Stock TBD

"Trailer Price After Discount"



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Last updated on October 16, 2016