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                Save $1,000.00 on this 2018 Off-Road Trailer

Get a FREE Tent & Bed and Large Rainfly

when you Buy this New Ultimate Rubicon Trailer

1 - Deluxe CargoPac         2 - Off Road A/T Trailer

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1th h 21tb detail45 Skid Plate on Tent Trailer

4X4 Off-Road Trailers Built by Tentrax

"The Ultimate Rubicon Trailer", with a comfortable Bed, was introduced in 2014 has over 20 inches of ground clearance under the skid plate on some of these off road trailers.

The trailer can accommodate tires up to 37" allowing almost 2 full feet of ground clearance under the trailer's skid plate.

See why Jeep owners are fascinated with this off-road trailer and why the trend is likely to persist. This is all due primarily to The Tentrax Tradition.

With 3 Custom Trailers to choose from. . . . .

along with impressive  options  and   accessories,  you can equip your trailer just the way you want it.

Model A — A/T Off-Road

Model B — Boulevard

Model C — Cargo Pac.


It can't get any better than sleeping off the ground in a  Free tent & bed. Even this off road trailer can't wait to bed down at night.

Look at these Off Road Trailer features:

Off-Road Trailer with the extreme 4x4 articulation and exchange system

Electrical system for operating fridge, tent light/fan, blanket, etc.

Multiple cargo racks for carrying all your needed camping gear

3M vinyl chip guard to protect the trailers paint

Electric brakes for safety, braking, and rock crawling

More options  and   accessories  available to select from

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Last updated on July 24, 2018